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About Karen

Karen has been working as a technical writer for almost 20 years. Across industries and user needs, she delivers quality content in an accessible, understandable way.

She is passionate about helping clients create effective strategies for their information and its delivery.

Technical writing involves managing content and developing strategic ways to deliver information. Karen uses reuse strategies and single sourcing to ensure time and effort are used effectively. Using XML (mainly DITA), Karen helps clients create intelligent content and deliver it to various platforms. The result is accessible, maintainable information, delivered as you need it: on the Web or the Intranet, in HTML, PDF or other formats.

Check out the DITA Chicks blog for some of Karen's writing or 2009 Case Study presented at the international Society of Technical Communications conference in Atlanta.

About Ron

Ron has been in IT development for more years than he wants to count. He is proficient at various languages and excels at understanding business needs and delivering solutions that perform. He is currently working at a full-time gig, but helps Karen out with time-saving utilities and technical advice.

Ron is also a musician. Check out his latest holiday recording of 2000 Miles, with Barbara Scott on vocals.

Welcome to Alex

The budding graphic designer and communicator extraordinaire.

Alex developed the website redesign graphics and vision. She was recently named the IABC's Student Communicator of the Year, 2013 by the BC chapter. Congratulations, Alex!